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Why Do Some People Not File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident?

Posted on : August 3, 2020

Car accidents can be frightening and life-changing, especially when serious. That said, not all car accident victims pursue a lawsuit against the negligent driver who harmed them. Why? 

They Think They Don’t Have the Time

A common misconception about personal injury cases is that they all take months or even years to resolve. While some notable cases do take a long time to sift through the evidence and go to trial, most cases are often resolved in a very reasonable amount of time. This is particularly true when working with an experienced injury lawyer.

They Think They Will Have to Go to Court 

Another deterrent to filing a lawsuit after a car crash for some individuals is the idea that they’ll have to go to court and try their case. However, this is a misconception and the majority of injury cases are actually resolved outside the courtroom through a settlement agreement. A lawyer can help you avoid court while still pursuing the compensation you deserve. 

They Think It Will Cost Too Much 

Many people mistakenly believe that when they hire a personal injury lawyer, they’ll have to start paying them right away. Most injury attorneys work on a contingency basis though, which means that they don’t charge any fees unless their clients win their case. Then, your attorney will take only a small portion of your total settlement award as pay.

They Were Partially At Fault 

Sometimes, drivers will neglect to reach out to an attorney if they know they were at least partially at fault for the accident. They may believe that because they share fault that they don’t have a legitimate case or won’t be eligible for any compensation. But, many people who are less than 50% fault for the accident can still pursue partial financial restitution for damages. 

Don’t Let Negligent Drivers Get Away with Injuring You — Call Today 

If another driver’s negligence or carelessness caused you or a loved one to be injured in a car accident, you deserve justice. The driver who hurt you should be held responsible for their actions and you should be provided with compensation for not only your medical expenses and lost wages but also your physical and mental anguish. 

At Chalker Injury Law, we can help you navigate your car accident lawsuit and maximize your financial compensation award. Call us now for your consultation to discuss your case at (800) 393-8595.

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