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What You Need To Know About Ridesharing Accidents

Posted on : July 31, 2019

What Steps Should You Take After a Ridesharing Accident?

Ridesharing continues to grow in popularity and as it does, so does the number of ridesharing accidents. While most of what you should do after a ridesharing collision is the same as you would do after any car accident, there are a few key differences. Here’s what you need to know. 

Get Medical Care 

If you or anyone else involved in the crash is hurt, call for an ambulance as soon as you can. Let emergency responders know that you’ve been in a ridesharing accident and tell them your location to the best of your ability. Stay on the phone with them until they arrive. 

Take Photographs 

If you’re able to get out of the car, try to snap a few photographs of the accident before the cars are moved out of the road. This can help accident reconstructionists better determine how the accident happened and who may be wholly or partially at fault.

Get Contact Information 

Get the contact information of the ridesharing driver, including their insurance policy information, their driver identification information, and any other pertinent data. Save this information in a safe place — if, for example, you saved it in your phone, write it down on paper and keep it with your important documents. This way, if your phone gets lost, stolen, or destroyed, you have a copy of the information. 

Get Witness Statements 

If there were any people who witnessed the scene, ask them for a statement about what they saw happen. If they don’t have the time to stick around, get their contact information so police officers can follow up later and record their account. 

Take a Screenshot of the Ridesharing App 

As soon as possible, take a screenshot of your ride receipt on the Uber or Lyft app. This information may be difficult or impossible to access later. If you received any emails from the ridesharing company, save them. 

File a Report with the Ridesharing Company 

After the accident, file a report with the ridesharing service you used. Let them know what happened, but avoid making any conjecture about whose fault the accident may be. 

Contact a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in an accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of a ridesharing driver, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact Chalker Injury Law today for experienced legal help and compassionate guidance.

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