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What Should I Know About the 5 Types of Motor Vehicle Collisions?

Posted on : July 3, 2020

The type of motor vehicle accident you’re involved in has a substantial impact on what injuries you and/or your passengers incur as well as their severity. Other factors like reckless driving and speeding can also impact injury type and severity. Here are the 5 most common accidents you should know about. 

1. Collisions Involving Only One Car    

Single-car collisions are common and occur for a variety of reasons, often if the driver is intoxicated, speeding, or driving recklessly. They lose control over their car and end up crashing into a ditch, a road sign, a tree, or guard rail. If anyone in the vehicle isn’t wearing a seatbelt, they can be thrown forward, causing injury.

2. T-Bone Type Accidents 

A t-bone crash is a type of accident that involves one vehicle hitting the side of the other in a T-shaped collision. In many cases, this is caused by one driver making an improper turn in front of the other. In this type of collision, the car whose side was struck stands to incur the most injury, especially if there are passengers.

3.  Rear-End Crashes 

Rear-end car accidents are quite common in heavy traffic areas, but fortunately, this means that most of the time vehicles are traveling slowly so injuries will be less severe. A standard injury for rear-end collisions is whiplash, something that was once seen as a minor inconvenience and is now known to cause debilitating chronic neck pain.

4. Sideswipe Car Accidents 

A sideswipe car crash is a kind of accident that occurs when the sides of two motor vehicles “swipe” against each other. In many cases, this is seen on the highway where drivers aren’t watching each other when switching back and forth between lanes. When excessive speed is a factor, sideswiping can result in one or both cars losing control and getting into a crash.

5. Accidents Resulting in Rollover   

When an accident results in a vehicle rollover, the risk of catastrophic injuries and death goes up exponentially. This is particularly true if anyone in the vehicle that rolled over wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. 

Hurt in a Motor Vehicle Crash? Chalker Injury Law Can Help 

A motor vehicle crash can be utterly devastating for you and your family, especially if you lost a loved one in the auto accident. At Chalker Injury Law, we’re dedicated to helping families like yours recover after a serious and costly accident. We’ll help you pursue the full financial restitution you deserve. Call now for a consultation at (800) 393-8595. 



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