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What Makes a Good Personal Injury Settlement Offer?

Posted on : January 21, 2021
Alpharetta Personal Injury Law Firm

Determining whether or not a personal injury settlement offer is adequate or not can be complex. Here are several things that you should make sure are included in your settlement and what steps you should take to ensure that your legal interests are protected during the negotiation process. 

Maximum Medical Improvement Has Been Reached 

It’s typically in your best interest to wait to negotiate a settlement until you’ve recovered as much as your doctor says you’re going to be able to. In some cases, extensive medical rehabilitation is needed or full recovery isn’t possible, and these should be factored into your settlement. 

Your Economic Damages Are Completely Covered In the Settlement  

At the very least, your injury settlement should cover your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other financial or economic damages that were caused by the incident. If it doesn’t, you should decline to settle and attempt to negotiate a larger amount by sending copies of your expenses. 

The Settlement Includes Funding for Future Medical Expenses 

You can’t sue for damages again once you accept a settlement offer, even if you’re still experiencing the effects of the incident and incurring costs as a result of it. You should work with an experienced financial analyst to estimate your future medical expenses and make sure this figure is included in your settlement. 

Your Pain and Suffering Is Adequately Considered  

A good settlement offer includes funding to compensate you for the physical and emotional suffering you had to endure as a direct result of the negligent actions of the person who caused the incident that injured you. 

You may want to think about renegotiating the offer if your suffering hasn’t been adequately considered or included in the settlement. Make sure to include evidence of how the injury has severely impacted you when you submit your counteroffer. 

Punitive Damages Are Awarded In Cases of Egregious Negligence 

In situations where the at-fault party’s negligence was particularly severe or egregious, a judge should award punitive damages. These fines are meant to penalize the responsible party and ensure that they do not repeat the same mistakes. 

How an Atlanta Injury Attorney Can Help You Get the Maximum Settlement You Deserve

If you were hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you deserve adequate compensation for your financial expenses and the emotional and physical pain you’ve had to endure. Call Chalker Injury Law at (678) 319-9991 or toll free at (800) 393-8595 to schedule your free consultation.

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