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What Can Be Learned from the Missouri Duckboat Tragedy?

Posted on : July 24, 2018
Duckboat Accident Attorney, Chalker Injury Law

Every summer, far too many people end up dealing with the consequences of being hurt in a boating accident. Sadly, however, recent victims in a Missouri disaster will never be able to recover. Most of the victims in a boating accident in Missouri passed away, and investigators are currently exploring all of the concerns that could have increased that risk.

The recent Missouri duckboat accident highlights the importance of boating safety.  The US Coast Guard is currently overseeing an effort to raise up the duckboat that capsized during a southwestern Missouri storm last week.  That disaster left 17 people dead.

The duckboat vessel had 31 people on board when it left the shores on Thursday afternoon, but a severe thunderstorm developed very quickly and led to intense waves and winds that put everyone on board at serious risk.  The sunken duckboat was set to be retrieved by the Coast Guard the weekend after the major incident occurred. The duckboat will also be taken to a facility for further inspection to identify whether or not any defective parts on board could have contributed to the accident.  Investigators are currently evaluating multiple questions about the accident, including ones related to life jackets, the actions of the crew and the boat, and ones about the weather.

One family lost nine members in that duckboat accident while taking a tour of Table Rock Lake during a family vacation.  Many victims were not wearing life jackets when they were found, and none of the victims who died were wearing life jackets when their bodies were identified. Passengers were not required to wear life jackets despite the fact that the duckboat did contain them.

Being hurt in a boating accident could entitle survivors to pursue an injury claim against liable parties. Liable parties can be hard to pinpoint without the right investigation team dispatched by your lawyer.

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