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Should You Take Photographs of Your Car Accident?

Posted on : July 3, 2016

Photographs are one of the most important parts of a car accident claim. They illustrate the crash to insurance adjusters — and even a judge and jury if your case ends up going to court. Should you take photographs of your car accident and the resulting injures? Absolutely! Here’s how.

Use Any Camera

You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take photos of your motor vehicle accident. Any camera will do, even an old disposable one. However, most people have cameras on their smartphones, and a car crash is the perfect opportunity to put it to good use.

Take As Many Pictures As Possible

Don’t skimp on pictures. Take as many pictures as you can from every possible angle and distance. If you are injured and are unable to take photos, ask someone to do it for you, such as a passenger in the car who wasn’t harmed or even a good Samaritan bystander.

What You Should Take Pictures Of

Knowing what evidence is important to capture on film ahead of time helps you keep a clear head in the heat of the moment after the crash. You’ll want to be sure to take pictures of:

  • Your car
  • The other driver’s car
  • Any other vehicles that were involved in the crash
  • Any damaged property, such as damaged road signs and guard rails
  • Skid marks, if they are present
  • Debris that is in the road, regardless of what vehicle you believe it may have come from
  • The area surrounding the accident, such as the intersection or area of highway where the accident occurred
  • The weather, if inclement weather may have played a part in the collision
  • Your injuries and any injuries to other passengers in your car

You really cannot have too many pictures. If you’re on site after an accident and are able to, snap more photos than you think you’ll need. Your car accident lawyer can help you determine what may be relevant versus what photos likely won’t play an important role in your case.

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