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Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth Pursuing?

Posted on : May 24, 2017

If you are injured due to someone’ else’s negligence, you could be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. When people consider personal injury claims, they tend to think of the multi-million dollar settlements they’ve seen on television. However, not all personal injury claims end in such a satisfying way. Here’s what you need to know to determine if your personal injury claim is worth pursuing.

Avenues of Compensation

One important issue to look at in a personal injury case is to determine from whom you can collect compensation from. For example, in a car accident claim, if the driver is uninsured or does not have assets with which to pay a settlement, you may not be able to collect. However, if you are injured by a defective product, you could pursue a claim against the manufacturer. The manufacturer likely has insurance or assets that can be used to cover a claim. Your attorney will look at the different avenues of compensation in your case to determine if you should move forward.


How much evidence is available in your case plays a significant role in whether or not you will be successful. Often, without enough evidence, a settlement offer from the other party’s insurance company will be low. It may not be in your best interest to go through the entire legal process if there is not enough evidence for you to be awarded a fair settlement.


An attorney must evaluate the cost of everything needed to bring your claim forward. Then, they compare it to the potential settlement you’ll receive. This includes attorneys fees, the costs to collect evidence, such as hiring an accident reconstructionist or medical experts, and more. If the costs of putting together the claim are more than what you would potentially receive from filing, it may not be worth it. However, in many cases, you can ensure that your medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial damages are covered even if you do not receive much more beyond that.

Call an Attorney Today

If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by someone else, don’t wait to contact a personal injury lawyer. Only a lawyer will be able to evaluate your case to determine if it is worth taking the next step. Contact our office today for a consultation at (678) 319-9991.

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