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How to Avoid Snow & Ice Car Accidents This Winter

Posted on : December 23, 2015

Driving conditions are at their worst in snow and ice. Snow and ice significantly increases the risk of getting into an accident; however, it isn’t always practical to stay home when the weather gets tough. Here’s how to reduce the chances of getting into a weather-related car accident this winter, and what to do if you or a loved one were injured in a crash that occurred when it was snowing or icy.

Snow & Ice Statistics

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration reports that 24% of all weather related crashes occur when it is snowing, sleeting, or icy outside. Approximately 1,300 people are killed and more than 116,800 people are injured every year in snow and ice related crashes. During the winter, road maintenance for icy and sleet-covered roads absorbs more than 20% of the Department of Transportation’s annual budget.

Why Snow & Ice Is Dangerous

It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that snow and ice on the roads make the roadways slick and reduce traction. Slipping, sliding, and losing control of a vehicle is common in these hazardous conditions. However, accidents are also caused by reduced visibility, traffic that is too slow, and reduced capacity on the road, e.g. if only one lane of a road has been plowed.

How to Reduce Your Risk

When at all possible, eliminate your risk of getting into an accident by avoiding driving when the weather is bad. However, when you must venture out, make sure you take the proper precautions by ensuring your vehicle is equipped with good tires and windshield wipers, and allow plenty of extra time for you to make it from point A to point B. Keep water, blankets, and other emergency items in your car in case you get stalled or get into an accident and have to wait for emergency assistance.

What to Do If You or a Loved One Were Injured

If you or a family member were hurt in a car crash that occurred during icy or snowy road conditions, you may be eligible for compensation. Determining who may be at fault is key, and the seasoned car accident lawyers at Chalker Injury Law can help you do that. Learn more about your right to compensation as an injured person by contacting our office for a consultation at (678) 319-9991.


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