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Far Too Many Vehicles Have Unfixed Recalls

Posted on : April 20, 2018
Alpharetta Car Accident Attorney

Driving a dangerous car is one way to put yourself at higher risk for a vehicle accident and one of the most devastating outcomes from a recent study is that there are more than 57 million vehicles on roads throughout the United States that have an unfixed recall problem. If you never know about the recall problem to begin with, you may never schedule a meeting with your dealership and get it fixed. Carfax estimates that there are millions of vehicles currently being actively used on the roads that have unfixed recalls. The most open vehicles recalls are found in California, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York. This means that one in four vehicles on U.S. roads have an unfixed safety recall.

This represents nearly a 34% increase from the numbers in 2016. A manufacturer will usually notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration first when a recall is about to take place and then a notice is sent to vehicle owners that provides them with information about where to take the vehicle to get it fixed. A problem with work-life balance was a major factor estimated by Carfax as the reason that many people don’t get a recall repaired. Those most likely to be driving an active car with an open recall include minivans and light trucks.

There were more than 800 recalls over the course of 2017 that affected more than 30 million vehicles. In 2016, more than 53 million vehicles were recalled for issues. If you are driving with a recalled part on your vehicle, you need to get help immediately. You could cause a serious accident or be further injured in an accident because of the defective or recalled part.

With an unfixed recall on your car, there are a few problems that can occur. First of all, the recall part might suddenly break and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If you do end up in an accident regarding a recalled part that you knew about and chose not to fix, anyone else hurt in the accident might say this is evidence of your negligence. You could be struggling with the costs of your own injuries but also have to deal with accusations from someone else, too.  


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