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Evidence Needed in a Commercial Truck Accident Claim

Posted on : September 12, 2017

Evidence is critical in a commercial truck accident claim. Key pieces of evidence help accident reconstructionists and insurance companies learn how the accident likely occurred. They also help them assign fault and begin the process of collecting compensation. Here are a few key pieces of evidence that are important to look at in a commercial truck accident case. Also, find out how you can get the help you need after a devastating collision from a personal injury lawyer.

The Trucking Log (Record of Duty)

The trucking log, commonly referred to as the Record of Duty, is one of the most important pieces of evidence. Secure and examine it in a truck accident case. The log shows where the truck was stopped, its route, and the number of hours the truck driver spent driving and not driving. If the log reveals that the driver stopped at a liquor store or bar and then drove soon after, or that the driver spent more time behind the wheel than legally allowed, this can prove invaluable in a claim for compensation.

The Black Box

Like in an airplane, a commercial truck boasts a black box that records computer data from the truck’s systems. For example, the black box may record the driver’s speed, if he or she was wearing a seatbelt, and when the brakes were used. This data is critical in an accident case, where speed and braking can help recreate how and why the accident occurred. However, trucking companies can delete or overwrite black box data unless an attorney files a motion to preserve this evidence.

Accident Details

Another important factor to consider is the recreation of the accident. After the injured are treated, police officers, insurance company representatives, and accident reconstructionists will evaluate the scene of the accident. This will determine how the accident occurred. Usually, this involves looking at the damage on all the vehicles involved. Particularly, where the damage is located and how severe it is, and their positions on the road.

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