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Do Personal Injury Lawyers Work On Contingency?

Posted on : December 15, 2020
Alpharetta Personal Injury Law Firm

Accident victims often wonder how they’ll pull together the money to pay for their medical care and vehicle damage, let alone a lawyer. However, an attorney can be the solution to all of the above. 

Accident attorneys often work on contingency, or a special payment arrangement because most injury victims can’t afford a lawyer up front. Here’s what you should know about contingency fee structures and how to get legal help after an accident. 

What Is Contingency?

Contingency, or a contingency fee, means that a lawyer accepts and works on your case without payment based on the likelihood that you’ll win. If you don’t, you pay nothing. If you do win though, your lawyer will take a reasonable percentage of your settlement award. 

Why Do Personal Injury Attorneys Work On Contingency?

Most accident victims don’t have the funds saved up to cover the cost of retaining an attorney throughout the settlement negotiation and litigation processes. In cases of significant injury and disability, the legal process can drag on for multiple months, which would cost tens of thousands of dollars in retainer fees. This would leave the majority of injured people without recourse they could afford. 

However, a contingency arrangement allows accident victims to get the legal representation they need without having to come up with the money to pay their attorney right away. Injury lawyers accept cases they believe have a strong chance of success and work hard to see that the victim receives the maximum compensation available in their case. 

What Can I Expect to Pay My Accident Lawyer? 

Usually, attorneys that work on a contingent basis will take roughly 30% to 35% of the total settlement winnings, after any fees the lawyer incurred to represent you are paid. For example, you may be expected to cover the cost of paper and postage or travel costs in addition to the commission, which goes to your lawyer for their time, effort, and legal expertise.  

How to Get Legal Help After An Accident or Injury 

At Chalker Injury Law, we know how difficult navigating life right after an accident or injury is. We can help you bring forward a claim for the compensation you deserve after being hurt by someone else’s negligence, so you can start healing and moving forward with your life. Call Chalker Injury Law at (678) 319-9991 or toll free at (800) 393-8595 to schedule your free consultation.

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