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Dangerous Truck Accidents

Posted on : May 11, 2021
Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers

Were You Injured In A Truck-Involved Accident In Alpharetta?

Alpharetta is no stranger to automobile and truck accidents.  Truck accidents not only affect the cities or townships in which they occur by affecting daily travel for commuters, but they are also capable of causing serious injuries.  Regardless of how efficient and alert you may be as a driver, you cannot control how another motorist operates their vehicle.  

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Truck Driver-Involved Accidents

In addition to major and minor truck-related accidents where everyday citizens are involved in collisions that may be life-changing, the dangers of being a Truck Driver and Operator are not without consideration. In recent news, a Truck Driver was injured after his truck, filled with over 7000 gallons of diesel, flipped over resulting in critical injuries to the driver. The accident shut down the I-285 for several hours but more than that, critical injuries from Truck Accidents can cause lasting injury and damage.

Complications Of Truck Accidents On The Victims

Accidents involving Trucks have the tendency to be complex with many moving parts. The size of a truck in relation to a typical size sedan or any other motor vehicle can leave devastating and catastrophic injuries. To make matters worse for the victims, the road ahead to begin the task of tracking down who is responsible,i.e., the truck driver? the trucking company? the truck’s insurance company? the company that secured the load? Who is the main negligent party? Everyone? These are questions best left to an experienced Truck Accident Attorney.

Get Help Now

Were You Or A Loved One Injured In A Truck-Related Accident In Alpharetta or the surrounding area? Ronald Chalker can help. Call today for a consultation!

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