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Causes of School Bus Accidents

Posted on : April 23, 2017

The last thing you expect when you place your child on a school bus is to hear that the bus was in an accident and your child was injured. School bus accidents can result in a few bumps and bruises for passengers, or they can be serious or deadly. Here are some common causes of school bus accidents. Find out what legal remedy you have if your child (or yourself) is harmed in a school bus crash.


Failure to perform proper maintenance on a school bus, or purchasing school buses with faulty parts, can lead to malfunction. A sudden bus malfunction — such as failure of the brakes or power steering — leads to a devastating collision. School bus operators and bus barns might be responsible when their clear negligence caused the bus to malfunction, crash, and injure passengers.

Poor Road Conditions and/or Road Construction

Road construction or poor road conditions are difficult for a school bus to maneuver around. Loose gravel from construction can cause a school bus to slide and potentially even topple over. Accidents can also occur due to potholes or road crews who fail to provide proper signals that construction is ahead.

Driver Carelessness

Driver carelessness or negligence causes or contributes to a number of school bus accidents. Sadly, some school bus drivers do operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol, rendering them unable to make sound decisions behind the wheel. Other drivers may talk on their cell phone or text while driving, or may be distracted in other ways. When transporting children in a large vehicle like a school bus, it’s critical for drivers to maintain vigilance.

What to Do If Your Child Was Hurt in a School Bus Accident

Finding out that your child was harmed in a school bus accident can be a frightening experience. Not only do you want to make sure that your child will be okay, you also want answers as to what happened and how it can be prevented in the future. Therefore, a personal injury claim can help you hold those responsible for the collision accountable for their actions.

At Chalker Injury Law, we have experience working with injured individuals and their families and can help you pick up the pieces after a devastating school bus collision. Call today for a consultation at (678) 319-9991.

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