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Can Distracted Driving Take Different Forms?

Posted on : September 18, 2019

Driving while distracted is common, but it’s also extremely dangerous.

Many people don’t think twice about distractions like music, food, and even texting and driving, yet all of these things can result in a serious accident. Here’s what you should know about the four types of distraction and how to get legal help after a motor vehicle accident.

Distractions You See

Distractions you see, or visual distractions, can very quickly and easily result in an accident if you’re not careful. Advertising billboards, sales with merchandise set outside the store, panhandlers on the side of the road, and other things that require visual engagement take your eyes off the road. Visual distractions can also be inside the car.

Distractions You Hear

Distractions you can hear, also called auditory distractions, are common and somewhat less dangerous than visual distractions because they don’t cause you to look away. However, these distractions can still make driving more difficult and risky. For example, the loud music of another driver nearby or the sound of your kids bickering in the backseat can cause you to be unable to hear the sounds of the other vehicles around you.

Distractions You Touch

Distractions you can touch, or manual distractions, are particularly concerning because they require you to take your hands off the wheel. Something you can do one-handed, like change the radio, usually isn’t an issue. However, things like eating while driving, texting, or putting on makeup can cause enough distraction to result in a collision.

Distractions You Think About

Distractions aren’t strictly external — you can cause yourself to become distracted simply by thinking about anything other than traffic around you and the road ahead. Try narrating what you see around you to yourself or aloud to keep your attention focused on what you’re doing.

If You or a Loved One Were Hurt in a Distracted Driving Accident, We Can Help

Distracted driving is more common than it should be. Considering the widespread initiatives to educate drivers about the dangers of distraction, most drivers, if not all, are well aware of their responsibility to maintain concentration on the operation of the vehicle. Drivers who choose to engage in distractions behind the wheel regardless should be held responsible if they cause an accident resulting in harm to another person. If you or someone you love were hurt in an accident caused by distracted driving, don’t wait to get legal help. Call Chalker Injury Law today (678) 319-9991.

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