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A Mistake That Can Damage A Personal Injury Case

Posted on : August 9, 2019

What You Need To Know

A Personal Injury case is not an assured process.  There is no guarantee on how long it may take to either settle your personal injury case or take it to trial.  If you were injured as a result of another person or parties’ negligence; yes, you may be entitled to compensation, however, often those responsible for your injuries will try to underscore your pain and damages in order to deflect and contest the responsibility that they may have to bear.

Over-Exertion With Physical Activity

You are in a hurry to heal after your personal injury; that is understandable. When we are accustomed to being active in our daily lives and are programmed to do everything on our own, there is no doubt an element of despair when we need to get something done at the mercy of a friend or loved ones help.  No one looks forward to waiting on other people for assistance or the feeling that we are somehow imposing on others. We are not conditioned to rely on third parties to help us and therefore, we often push ourselves through pain in order to have the peace of mind that “it got done”, whatever “it” maybe.

Whether you need to get errands done like the laundry or the grocery shopping, painting or hauling the trash on garbage day and so forth, the to-do list is never-ending.  This is the time for you to rest rather than to force your body to do what it is not yet ready to do and therefore leave the possible impression that your injury is manageable and that in fact, you are not in pain. While pushing yourself through physical activity may be a natural instinct in your nature to be independent and self-reliant, it is no doubt an excellent excuse for those responsible for your injuries to use your movements against you.

Perception Is Everything

Keep in mind that an outside party cannot see your pain, they will not understand how much medication you are on as a result of your personal injury, or just how much labor it took for you to get out of bed that morning. Instead, the perception that you are hauling one thing or another leaves the impression that you are physically capable of doing more than you actually can or should, thereby potentially hindering your personal injury case. It won’t matter that the moment you were done carrying that last bag of groceries into the house, you laid down for two days. It won’t matter that pushing the recycle bin out that morning took all of the energy that you will have for the rest of the day, the perception is one of an individual who physically does not appear to be in the same condition as that of the one in his or her case file.

Take The Time To Rehabilitate

Take the time to restore your health and wellbeing and rely on those close to you to help you get through this difficult time. Trying to rush through the process of rehabilitation and healing is not only a detriment to your health, but it can also affect how the merits of your personal injury case are perceived by parties who do not wish to be held accountable by circumstances that they may have contributed to with respect to your injuries.



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